Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Sophia's 2nd Birthday

There's something all kids love about Mickey Mouse Club House. It's like a kid on crack! My little Sophia wanted a Mickey Mouse theme cake and so i made an attempt to make it. Could have been better but the time and love mommy dear put into it is what matters most.

I got a white chocolate fondant for the cake and that was my biggest mistake. Chocolate fondants are more for sculpting since it's soft. It's so delicate that covering the cake was stressful. Lesson learned and I'll never use it again.  i used candles as the topper and made some Mickey Mouse theme cupcakes for the kids. Cupcake rings are a great way to top off a cupcake and the kids get to keep the ring for later.

 I made Chocolate and Strawberry cupcakes, both topped off with a strawberry swiss meringue frosting. Using fresh ingredients while baking or cooking makes such a difference. Everything taste that much better. Seeing everyone enjoy the cake and cupcake gave me a sense of satisfaction. And of course, seeing the huge smile on Sophia's face was the highlight of my day.

 Can't wait to bake more fun cakes and cupcakes for Sophia and my other 2 kids. Practice makes everything better. And when you put your mind and heart at it, anything can be done:)

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