Tuesday, March 31, 2009

It's finally happening!!

A friend whom I've just gotten to know not to long ago, suggested that i should create a blog about the food i make. As much as i enjoy cooking and baking, i never really thought about doing a blog. It's a great idea so thank you my friend!!!

Being born and raised in Singapore, there's food everywhere. Food of every culture and cuisine. When i moved to San Francisco, the one thing i missed terribly was the food. My Husband and i have been going back to Singapore every year and the first thing he does is to get his favorite coffee " Kopi-O". And than we head out to have all the yummy food we can find!

Since i miss the local Singaporean food so much, i try to make some of it at home. So i've told myself that everytime i make something, i'll take a picture and post a blog about the food. Most of the food i make is food i've grown up eating or recipe's from my mom and mom in law. Basically food that i look to as comfort food where it bring a smile to my face while i'm making it.

Thank you Mom for teaching me how to cook and making me the person i am today!!

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  1. Well that,s my daughter, she did it, keep it up dear.